We support One in Five

A true democracy is inclusive and fair.

A true democracy reflects the society it is meant to represent.

That is why Women 5050 is proud to support the One in Five campaign for the political participation of people with disabilities. The campaign is pushing forward a democracy we can all be proud of; one where all people of Scotland, no matter their ability or disability are able to participate fully, especially in grassroots politics. This is the same ethos of the Women 5050 campaign.

How often have we been to meetings in inaccessible rooms? How often do we consider access in planning political work? How often do we truly engage and empower those with disabilities to be equal partners in our work? The answers to these question, is in reality “not often enough” – The one in five campaign aims to change that with the charter below:

We call on all political parties and organisations to sign up to the ONE IN FIVE Charter:

  1. All members are asked about individual needs which are actioned to ensure inclusion
  2. Meetings are held in accessible venues
  3. Material is available in a variety of formats
  4. Organisational tasks and responsibilities are clearly defined yet remain flexible enough to empower individual member ability
  5. Your organisation aims to increase the awareness and understanding of issues affecting disabled people and strives to include and empower all members

As a commitment to this, Women 5050 will be putting in extra effort to be as accessible as possible, and we welcome feedback and support to make that happen.

You can sign up here; http://www.oneinfive.scot/ – please do and tweet your support: @oneinfivescot


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